The CBB Libraries Governing Board, comprised of the representatives of each library as designated by the library director, will oversee and provide guidance and direction for all CBB library collaborative efforts.  Each library will name its respective members. This group will meet at least twice a year and on an ad hoc basis. The Board will:

  • Provide a shared mission and vision for all CBB library collaboration within each college and with the broader library community.
  • Develop and revise CBB policies, strategic plans, and documents.
  • Oversee efforts of the various standing committees and affinity groups.
  • Approve suggestions for new initiatives coming from both inside CBB and from outside, especially when the nature of the initiative requires consensus.
  • Ensure regular communication and accountability within the consortium, standing and affinity groups.
  • Assign responsibility for oversight and maintenance of CBB public and staff websites and other CBB communications efforts.
  • Regularly review and assess the effectiveness of new and ongoing initiatives and the governance structure.

Currently serving board members include:


Darylyne Provost
Interim Director
Ana Noriega
Assistant Dir for Collections Management


Pat Schoknecht
VP for Information & Library Services and Librarian
Krystie Wilfong
Associate College Librarian for Collection Management and Scholarly Communications
Sharon Saunders
Associate College Librarian for Systems and Bibliographic Services


Marjorie Hassen
College Librarian
Kat Stefko
Associate Librarian for Discovery, Digitization, and Special Collections, and Director of the George J. Mitchell Department of Special Collections & Archives
Joan Campbell
Collections Librarian