CBB Strategic Plan


Colby, Bates and Bowdoin colleges are distinct institutions with unique histories, values, cultures, and missions.

The primary mission of each CBB library is to advance the mission of each college.

The Colleges may realize strategic advantages by developing cooperative programs, and included among them are programs to coordinate efforts to acquire and deliver information.

CBB Libraries will work to achieve those advantages that derive from cooperation, coordination and collaboration, and in doing so, will strengthen the academic enterprise.


CBB Libraries, working together, will make their collective information resources available to all CBB students, faculty, and staff. They will endeavor to extend the reach of CBB library users by providing access to information resources throughout the world. They will develop joint programs, facilities and services that enhance their ability to provide information services to CBB users. They will make the CBB Libraries a model for effective collaboration among private liberal arts colleges.

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1. Provide maximum access for students, faculty and staff of CBB colleges to all information resources of the libraries.

Goal 2. Share expertise, staff development and training among library staffs.

Goal 3. Develop effective means to manage and publicize CBB efforts.