Grant Contacts List

Colby College

Clement P. Guthro. Clem is the Director of Libraries at Colby College. He provides leadership for all areas of the Colby libraries, overseeing the operation and staffing of the three campus libraries, including 25 staff members. He has been at Colby since 2003; before coming to Colby, he was the Team Leader for Collection Management at Macalester College, where he managed acquisitions, serials, preservation, and cataloging and collection development.

Toni Conley Katz. Toni is Assistant Director for Technical Services, coordinating the technical services aspects of the approval plan. She has been at Colby College since 1983 and served at the Library of Congress in the Congressional Research Division during a sabbatical leave in 1989.

Margaret Menchen. Peggy is Assistant Director for Public Services and coordinates collection development. She has been at Colby since 1989, and before that was a reference librarian at the University of Maine. Peggy is the liaison for East Asian Studies and Medieval Studies.

Alisia Wygant. Alisia currently works in both the Technical Services and Special Collections areas of Colby’s Libraries in the role of Electronic Resources Specialist. She has been at Colby since 2000, taking a year out to pursue her master’s degree at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. During the planning phase of this grant, she conducted research and analysis on the various available products.

Bates College

John C. Harrison. John is the Associate College Librarian for Collection Development and Bibliographic Services. In addition to coordinating collection development for the College Library, he oversees acquisitions, cataloging, processing and preservation of library materials and resources. Before coming to Bates in 1996, he was the Acquisitions Librarian at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. Prior to that, he coordinated monographic approval plans for the General Libraries at the University of Texas at Austin.

Eugene L. Wiemers. Gene is Vice President for Information and Library Services and Librarian of Bates College. He oversees library, archives, computing, telecommunications and media services of the College. Before coming to Bates in 1994, he was Assistant University Librarian for Collection Management at Northwestern University and served in leadership roles in collection development and public services at the libraries of Michigan State University and the University of Minnesota.

Bowdoin College

Sherrie S. Bergman. Sherrie is the Librarian of the Bowdoin College Library. In this position, she is in charge of all operations of the Library, which is comprised of Hawthorne-Longfellow Library and four branch libraries. She has overall responsibility for planning and general administration of library services, facilities, and budgets, library policies and procedures, assessment of library operations and supervision of a staff of 38. Previously, she was College Librarian at Wheaton College in Massachusetts and was Director of the Library at Roger Williams College in Rhode Island.

Judith R. Montgomery. Judy is Associate Librarian of the Bowdoin College Library. As second in command, she is in charge of the daily operations of the Library and assists with planning and general administration of library services, facilities, budgets and assessment activities. She oversees instruction, reference and access services, as well as library technology initiatives. Judy has been at Bowdoin since 1979, working in a variety of positions in both public and technical services.

Roberta Schwartz. Roberta is the Technical Services Manager/Acquisitions Librarian at Bowdoin. In this role, she is responsible, with the Technical Services Manager/Catalog Librarian.

Joan Campbell. Joan is the Collections Librarian at Bowdoin.  She oversees the collection development and management of all materials and formats across the libraries. Joan coordinates the collections work of ten librarian collections liaisons and serves as the subject specialist for English and psychology.